Men’s Club

The Men’s Club of Congregation L’Dor V’Dor is more than a social organization. We are committed to working together with the entire congregation and the clergy to benefit the community, our synagogue and our own lives. We do this through avodah (service and prayer), kehillah (community participation) and tzedakah (charity).

Our Men’s Club is growing and participation in our activities is greater every year. Whether it is helping to plan our events, attending our programs, or contributing to our tzedakah efforts, many congregants participate in Men’s Club activities and the entire kehillah benefits from our service. 

Men’s Club distributes Yellow Candles to synagogue members to light on Erev Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) to remember those who perished during the Holocaust. 

Men’s Club participates in the World Wide Wrap every year by fulfilling the mitzvah of wrapping tefilin together with Conservative Congregations around the world. Each year on the morning of the NFL’s Super Bowl, FJMC promotes a special morning minyan at synagogues around the world where the mitzvah of tefillin is explained and demonstrated. This world-wide event is a fixture in synagogues throughout North America and in Australia, India, Europe, and South America.

FJMC (Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs) is the international umbrella organization for a confederation of more than 250 men’s auxiliaries serving 25,000 men throughout the United States and Canada. Although our chapters are concentrated in North America, the influence of FJMC’s programs and contributions is felt worldwide. FJMC’s mission is to involve Jewish men in Jewish life, but our influence goes far beyond men in the Conservative/Masorti Movement. Our programs have a profound impact on our congregations, our youth, world Jewry, and, when you consider the indirect impact of our Shomrei Ha’aretz environmental programs, all of humanity.

We strongly encourage you to join the Men’s Club of Congregation L’Dor V’Dor and experience the joy that comes with synagogue and community participation. Our annual dues of $25.00 and any additional amount toward our Tzedakah programs  include the children at the Cohen Medical Center at Long Island Jewish and North Shore Hospitals, American Friends of Neve Hanna, Lone Soldier Center in Israel and our Holiday party at the Synagogue plus other programs. If you wish to contribute more to assist with our Tzedakah programs, please do so.






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